Dear guy in Georgia that I sorta kinda like, Happy Tuesday. That’s all. XD <3, This girl in Vegas

Ok in all seriousness. I was thinking about how tomorrow is valentine’s day and how I honestly forgot. I was thinking about it a lot last month. “what should I get him?” “is he getting me something?” blah blah. As time went on the thoughts disappeared till today when I was confirming patient’s appts for tomorrow. Then I come home to Alexa and Sam needing to buy their classmates gifts.
Now I’m here in my room remembering how petty I was in relationships before. How I wanted a gift so bad and “you BETTER get me something” and wanting all the corny cute stuff. And now I finally realize that when you’re with someone that showers you with love and care everyday, someone that gives you strength when you’re at your weakest, believes in you when you doubt, makes you laugh over and over, prays with you without hesitation, thinks you’re pretty without makeup, helps when in need, and accepts you despite your wrongs and faults well then damn… Who cares about this holiday? God gave me days with this guy and I hope will continue to give me more days with him.
I don’t hate this holiday or anyone who chooses to celebrate it, I’m just saying that everyday is a day for me to celebrate cause God finally blessed me with a guy that is a gift to me everyday.. holiday or not.
With that said Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours from me and mine.