What I miss most about Oregon?

I miss my friends and all the things we did together; how planning, being festive and loving themes wasn’t out of the ordinary.

  • I miss summers: swimming, lighting fireworks at the Manahan’s neighborhood block party, staying out late enjoying the warm nights, road trips, camping, the beach, walking around downtown, hiking (even though I never actually went with everyone), picnics, CFC Anniversary picnic, parks, allergies,
  • I miss fall:crunchy leaves, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, scary movies (even though I’d hate every second of it), haunted houses (even though they’d torment me and make me cry), San Lorenzo mass, Pina Francia mass, blazer games, dressing up for Halloween, trick or treating, spend thanksgiving together
  • I miss winter:snow, movie marathons, Pioneer Square Christmas tree, staying in watching movies, Christmas, Sibang Gabi, CFC Christmas party, New Years, hot chocolate, shari’s nights (this applies to all seasons
  • I miss spring:well for some reason the only thing I can think of are allergies so not really spring. ;P

I miss my HOME.

As said by Mya, "Take me there, I wanna go there!…Sittin’ here thinking ‘bout yesterday. About what we did and how we used to play just the thought of you brings a smile upon my face that’s how it makes me feel to see you everyday "

Sometimes this Vegas life…

is too much for me. I enjoy the parties, clubs and all that come with it, but compared to my life in Oregon this is SO different.
Some days, like today, I wish to just raise a white flag and move back. Move back to all that’s familiar and more me, but I know there’s a reason I’m here in this city right now.
I’ll be back though. Bet.
Home is where the heart is and my heart is forever an Oregonian.