Sometimes this Vegas life…

is too much for me. I enjoy the parties, clubs and all that come with it, but compared to my life in Oregon this is SO different.
Some days, like today, I wish to just raise a white flag and move back. Move back to all that’s familiar and more me, but I know there’s a reason I’m here in this city right now.
I’ll be back though. Bet.
Home is where the heart is and my heart is forever an Oregonian.

Taken for granted?

This weekend I was invited to go on an annual camping trip and as soon as I heard camping my automatic reaction was, “yeeees!!!”. After leaving Oregon I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever be able to do anything outdoorsy again…and the thought proved true up until this weekend.
As much as clubbing and going out can be fun it is honestly NOT one of my top things I wanna spend my weekend doing.
Of course, being from Vegas we gotta venture out into another state just to go camping, but it was worth it.
I definitely miss Oregon and all it offers and when the time is right bet I’m moving back.
Praise God for a good weekend full of good company though! Till next year…we will meet again Utah.

Day 2- do you remember your first CC?

Camp crush or conference crush?

Well back when I joined we didn’t have camp crushes; we had “top 3” hahahaha. My camp crush was most likely Sam Larson though. XD

Conference crush? Uuhm…outside of my state? Mark Aguling from NJ? I met him at the Seattle CFC conference though then I believe I saw him at the Maryland conference? I think? Hahaha. I can’t remember exactly, but that sounds about right.
Conference crush from my state? Yeah, Sam Larson. XD hahahaha.

Day 1- tell us about your first camp

My first cfc youth camp was in Vernonia, Oregon at the Cedar Ridge Retreat Center. I believe it was in March 2002 when I was 11 years old. It was a transitioning camp with a bunch of us girls from Kids For Christ. If I remember correctly all the participants were girls and one bro, Joab. They called it the “girls and Joab camp”. XD
The team lead was Joanna Duran and (insert name here). My facilitator was Tina Leung. I remember talk 1 the most. It was given by Sam Larson and it hit me hard cause at that time God’s Love was something I had lost sight of.
I remember having the longest, at that time it was called, 1 on 1 ever but it was so good. I let out every feeling of hurt inside me and I knew that my facilitator, Tina, was someone God given.
On Sunday I was blessed to have my whole family (minus my dad, of course) there to see me “graduate”. I still have their letters to me and to this day they still bring me tears of joy.
My first camp….praise God.